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We pride ourselves in offering a challenging and rewarding career opportunities to our employees and attract and retain some of the best top industry leaders. With over 38 years of experience in the real estate business, he is responsible for investment sales activity in the New York market, where he focuses on office, residential, specialty retail buildings, and development sites. Woody was on the Manhattan Community Board for five years and served on its new development and landmark committees. More Information.

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Visit our Investor Relations site. Learn more. Woody Heller.

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Woody's team. Location New York. The Woody is fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom unit. Subsequent use — concept is fully integrated in Woodyshousing:.

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Growing in your housing career can mean extensions in space. Different sizes and configurations are possible: frome one-person appartment , starters flat or family houses up to buildings of up to 12 levels high. Woodyshousing brings housing to the 21st century! Follow woodyshousing. Skip to content.

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See for yourself with this side-by-side comparison. Longer construction schedules due to sequential building process and weather delays.

downcountocatcork.ml Sequence: Site preparation and component construction proceed concurrently. Each step depends on the preceding step, creating a potential for cascading delays in the project. Security: Your building envelope is completed in days and materials are locked away from pilferage. Building materials are insecure for longer periods of time, tempting thieves and potentially costing you money.

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  • Quality: Consistent high quality modules and components are produced by full-time professionals within a controlled environment while protected from the weather. Inconsistent quality caused by differences in weather, labor, and jobsite conditions.