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This book details both high-stakes games as well as the historic season that led each team to the playoffs. Also covered are the men behind the miracles—some captured the moment to become heroes and legends, while others let success slip through their grasp. Two games, one afternoon, countless memories. The birth and rise of popular Italian cinema since the early s can be attributed purely to necessity.

The vast number of genres, sub-genres, currents and crossovers and the way they have overlapped, died out or replaced each other has been an attempt, in postwar years, to contain the invasion of U. The author explores one of the most multi-faceted and contradictory industries cinema has ever known through the careers of those most closely associated with it.

His recorded interviews were conducted with directors and actors both well-known and upcoming. Martin Harmon.

Stolen Child

Throughout the history of the United States, only nine men were elevated to the White House by the death or failure of a sitting president, and their legacies are as mixed as their circumstances. This book evaluates the similarities and distinct differences of these men, their varying degrees of ambition and readiness, and how each handled their suddenly enormous duties. Some became presidential legends, while others are counted among the worst.

Addressing many areas of cultural concern, the show has tapped in to conversations about celebrity culture, family dynamics, and more. This volume with nine new essays and one reprinted one considers how this series engages with representations of gender, sexuality, queer identities and other LGBTQ issues.

The Appalachian Mountains are a well-known world treasure, perhaps the most biodiverse region on the planet. This book spans almost six years and miles of hiking by the author along the southern portion of the Appalachian Trail.

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The path of the trail crosses many areas that featured dramatic family events, and the author weaves in compelling stories of his ancestors who called this ancient mountain range home. Also explored are a multitude of topics ranging from environmental challenges to the modern day problems facing residents of the region.

Riding 20 hours a day or more for 7—12 days straight, they traverse back roads, brave dangerous conditions and battle mental and physical exhaustion. Fewer than 10 percent of participants are women. They take on the challenge and they excel! There were 13 founding members, one of whom was Patty Berg — After a glittering amateur career with 28 championships, Berg turned professional in Before the formation of the LPGA she made a living playing in an occasional tournament and conducting thousands of exhibitions and teaching clinics in the U.

She won 57 tour titles and her 15 major pro championships remain a record. To raise revenue for the war effort, every possible person, business, activity and property was assessed, but projections and collections were seldom up to expectations, and waste, fraud and ineffectiveness in the administration of the tax systems plagued both sides.

This economic history uses forensic examination of actual documents to discover the various taxes that developed from the Civil War, including the direct and poll taxes, which were dropped; the income tax, which stands today; and the war tax, which was effective for only a short time. Coins and Currency: An Historical Encyclopedia, 2d ed. Mary Ellen Snodgrass.

During ancient times currency took varied forms, including beaver skins, bales of tobacco, and sea salt blocks. As art and technology advanced, monetary systems and currencies altered. Today, coins and currency provide an historical and archeological record of culture, religion, politics, and world leaders. This updated second edition offers numerous entries of historical commentary on the role of coins and currency in human events, politics, and the arts.

It begins with the origin of coins in ancient Sumer, and follows advancements in metallurgy and minting machines to paper, plastic, and electronic moneys designed to ease trade and halt counterfeiting and other forms of theft. A timeline of monetary history is provided along with a glossary and bibliography.

Numerous photographs of coins and bills provide an up-close look at beautiful and ingenious artifacts.

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Hall of Fame middleweight prizefighter John Edward Kelly, better known as Nonpareil Jack Dempsey, was one of the most popular athletes in the United States during the late 19th century. To many observers, Dempsey is one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in ring history. Inside the ropes, he was fearless, poised, quick, agile, and had terrific punching power with both hands. His story is rich—full of amazing highs and terrible lows. He became a household name, wealthy and popular.

But much too soon, it all came crashing down.

His violent profession, alcoholism, mental illness, and tuberculosis left little to recognize of the valiant hero of so many battles. In , Margaret Sullavan made her film debut and was an overnight sensation. For the next three decades, she enchanted audiences and critics in any medium she chose—film, theater, television—and was regarded as one of the foremost dramatic actresses. Off screen, she epitomized the Southern Belle—beauty, hospitality and flirtatiousness.

Deep down, she suffered from crippling insecurity, especially as a mother—a feeling exacerbated by progressive hearing loss.

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By age 50, she could no longer cope and took an overdose of sleeping pills. This biography covers her film career with insightful criticism from the period and details her personal life, including her marriage to Henry Fonda, her special friendship with James Stewart and her bitter rivalry with Katharine Hepburn. Micah R. Using repeated sets of exercises meant to relax and desensitize the mind, autogenic training equips patients to deal with chronic conditions such as anxiety disorders, recurring pain and stress.

Patients learn how to gain control over their symptoms and improve coping to reduce suffering. This expanded edition presents practitioners with a concise exploration of autogenic technique and its clinical use for patients, especially in treating those suffering from chronic pain syndrome and disrupted sleep. The C Globemaster—a U. The flight crew, perched three stories above the landing gears in an unpressurized cockpit, relied, like Magellan, on celestial fixes to navigate over oceans.

Table of Contents:

Drawing on archives, Air Force bases, libraries and accident sites, and his own recollections as a navigator, the author details Cold War confrontations and consequent strategies that emerged after Douglas Aircraft Company delivered the first CA to the Military Air Transport Service in Though the NCAA was responsible for controlling such facets of college sports, the organization was unwilling and unable to control the excesses of the few who opposed the majority opinion. The result was a period of corruption, rules violations, unnecessary injuries and overspending.

Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and H. Lovecraft Jason Ray Carney. Serious literary artists such as T.


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Eliot, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf loom large in most accounts of the literary art of the first half of the 20th century. Contrary to the stereotypes about pulp fiction and those who wrote it, these three were serious literary artists who used their fiction to speculate about such philosophical questions as the function of art and the brevity of life.


After briefly teaching in a one-room schoolhouse, she joined the navy in before her unlikely path led her to Broadway, then to the Ziegfeld Follies — Making her home in Houston in the s, she worked as legal secretary for a large law firm. Her death at age 90 was unpublicized. Her story is told here for the first time. These twelve new essays concentrate on the female characters in the contemporary science fiction western, addressing themes of power, agency, intersectionality and the body.

Joss Whedon, Anarchist? Joss Whedon has created numerous TV series, movies, comics and one sing-along-blog, all of which focus on societal problems in the metaphorical guise of monsters-of-the-week and over-arching big-bads. This book traces a theme of anarchist theory through the multiple strings of the Whedonverse—all of his works show how ordinary heroes can unite for the love of humanity to save the world from hierarchy and paternalism. The Black Barons played in the final Negro Leagues World Series in and were a major drawing card when barnstorming throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Nothing in the small village of Bazoilles-sur-Meuse in the northeast of France bears witness today to the 13,—bed Bazoilles Hospital Center located there during World War I. Yet in — more than 63, American soldiers received treatment there—three out of every U. This richly illustrated history describes daily life and medical care at Bazoilles, providing a vivid picture of the conditions for both patients and personnel, along with stories of those who worked there, and those who were treated or died there. Jeff Thompson. Dancer Robert Barnett trained under legendary choreographer Bronislava Nijinska.