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Now, while every one of these conditions is paraded in DAVIS' manifestoes to the world at large, he was yet not fool enough to imagine that every one of them entered as a real element into his rebellion. He knew that he was fighting for a slave empire, that his rebellion was aggressive, doing violence to a Government which itself had done no violence, and that he could count upon popular support only as the result of despotism.

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It was these real elements of the rebellion that shaped Mr. DAVIS' war policy. If we examine this policy carefully, we shall find that its prominent feature has been a determination to push the war northward, or at least to maintain the original line of defence, at any cost, and in spite of any military considerations to the contrary.

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Hence it is that the war has been repeating itself over and again upon its first battle-fields. This policy has very rapidly exhausted the forces of the rebellion. LEE is still fighting on the old fields drenched with the blood of the Peninsular campaign. This persistent determination, never, except as the consequence of overwhelming defeat to deflect from the original line of defence, is clearly unmilitary; but it is absolutely essential to a consistent conduct of the rebellion.

Why sacrifice territory in a revolution which aims at empire? But this policy was also necessitated by the temper of the Southern people in relation to the war. To push the war northward gave a bold front to the rebel army, and implied apparent success -- and success stimulates popularity in any cause. What Mr. Such a campaign proves the helplessness of the Confederacy to defend its several parts.

This evidence of failure thus brought home to the Southern people, dispirits them, and men dispirited invariably yield, especially in a war which, in the first place, was not undertaken in the interest of the people. DAVIS knows that a few more such campaigns will reconstruct the Union, without any reference to or negotiation with the rebel dynasty at Richmond.

Another feature of Mr.

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DAVIS' war policy, has been a reluctance to arm the slaves. This also was unmilitary; but why revolutionize in the interest of slavery, and, after all, do that very thing which must forever abolish slavery? DAVIS knows that when he touches the slave system roughly, he alienates the wealth of the South from his rebellion.

He takes it for granted, that the slaveholders, if they mean anything in this war, mean exactly what they said they meant four years ago. DAVIS' plan of conducting the war has failed. But no other plan was practicable or consistent. To say that Mr.


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DAVIS' war policy is a failure, is to pronounce the rebellion a failure, as regards its original purpose. What, then, are these revolutionists to do? Having failed in their first object so signally, will they, at this stage of the war, listening simply to the suggestions of pride, change their purpose, and with it their military policy? Such a change is conceivable, and there are many things now pointing in that direction; such, for instance, as the pressure brought to bear upon DAVIS to induce him to arm the slaves.

In that case, these rebels clearly say to the world: We have fought for wealth and empire, and have failed -- now we will sacrifice wealth and power in the interest of pride! Such a determination is not only conceivable, but natural, and we should be prepared to meet it. It is not likely, however, that this new resolution will greatly prolong the war.

In addition to Army Records, a separate set of volumes containing the records of the Union and Confederate Navies were collected and published between and as the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. The War of the Rebellion volumes are primary source materials; they contain records that were written at the time the events described were taking place.

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The volumes contain reports of battles, military operations, correspondence, orders, reports and "returns" responses of both the Union and Confederate Armies and Navies. The records of the Armies were divided into four series:. An index to the volumes was published in The National Archives published a more comprehensive index in multiple volumes from to All of the indexes to the Army and Navy record that have been digitized have been linked to a separate page titled Indexes.


Government Reports. The Army records are divided into separate pages for each Series; Series I is subdivided into two separate pages for Volumes 1 - 29 Serials 1 - 49 and Volumes 30 - 53 Serials 50 - , respectively. Each page contains a list of the volumes from each set or series by volume and title. Volume information is transcribed directly from the title page of the volume; individual titles are transcribed from the first page of text in the digitized volume.

Entries are followed by links to volume s available in the Internet Archive, which has a user-friendly interface allowing volumes to be browsed and searched. Volumes in the Internet Archive can also be downloaded in a variety of formats. When more than one digital edition for a volume exists, links to each volume are given after the entry.

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All of the volumes in this guide were digitized from collections at other libraries, including Cornell University, the University of California, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, Harvard University and others. In addition to this site, which is a linked bibliography of volumes available in the Internet Archive, two university libraries have developed web sites related to the collection:.

Congressional Serial Set, which also includes volumes from the War of the Rebellion. To find information on a particular battle, activities in an area or the name of an officer who may have participated in activities in an area, use the index to the volumes, The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Find an entry for a battle, campaign or person and note the serial numbers that include information.

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