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The Heart of the Matter Vintage Classics. Jesus A Story of Enlightenment. Item Added: The Church of Jezebel. View Wishlist. Listen to these beautiful words of God to each of us: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations Jer. One of the reasons He was going to send you down to creation, through a birthday, through a place in time, was to fulfill an assignment. Yet somewhere in a hospital room or wherever you were birthed , the devil assigned a demon to your life, to steal your identity.

Today we hear a lot about identity theft, which is when someone steals your social security number, your credit cards, and your bank accounts; we know that situation is a living hell. It can take months or even years to recover from the damages. Now imagine someone stealing your identity spiritually. This type of damage intertwines with your eternity and determines where you will end up.

The devil has been doing this since the beginning of time. Throughout the Bible we read of the lives of men like King Saul, Samson, Esau, Jonathan, and Judas; these are some of the names of people who allowed the enemy to get the best of them. If we were to discuss the names of people today whose lives the enemy has hijacked—people whose spiritual identities have been stolen—there would be millions of names.

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The devil is trying his best to steal our identity and the identity of the Church itself. Marriages and Families In my past life as a devil worshiper, I was taught and trained to have no mercy in attacking the family through witchcraft to break their unity and separate them from one another, especially if they were married. The second thing he hates is the family. Those who work for his kingdom through witchcraft, the occult, and spiritualism such as casting spells are trained to destroy families because the family represents Christ in the Church.

If you dismantle the family, you strip it from its true identity.

The Church Of Jezebel: Hijacking The Gospel

Let me share something very important here. The devil is OK with so- called families, or people who are involved in homosexuality: Men living with men and women living with women. To teach them a lesson when they crossed the line against us, we would attack their bodies with a spirit of infirmity so they would die; because their identity was already stolen.

Workplace Another place demons will attack to destroy and bring chaos to your life is through your workplace.

By the book: Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel

If you are the man of the house—or the head of the home, as Christians call it—your identity is wrapped up in your ability to provide for your family. Wreaking havoc in this area will break and dismantle your finances, and divide and steal your home. Out-of-control finances will push you to create such a debt factor in your life that it often brings oppression, depression, anger, resentment, and even spirits of suicide into your life. Relationships Through abusive relationships, the devil steals your identity and your self- confidence.

He releases a spirit of condemnation on you, a spirit of low self- esteem, and allows a spirit of torment to scorn your mind—to the point that you think nothing is left of yourself. He also uses improper relationships to introduce you to spirits of adultery and fornication, wrapping you so tight in a web of immorality that only the power of the Holy Spirit can break it. These are many of the gateways that this monster called the devil uses to steal your identity. I have no respect for him whatsoever. He will take every opportunity to devour and eat away at your true identity.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world 1 Pet. I want to leave you with a thought.

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I heard this from a great preacher once. Please examine yourself on the basis of what I am about to share with you. If you have a dozen eggs and two break, how many are left? Would you then throw away the whole carton? The same is true of your life.

Why would you quit and throw in the towel? The point I am trying to convey to you is this: just because two circumstances of your life are not going the way you wanted, but ten circumstances are still good and healthy, why would you want to give up or give in to the enemy and throw your life away? Temptation and Deception: Twin Evils The tools that the devil uses most often are temptation and deception.

Satan has been plaguing the Church of Jesus Christ with these two lies since the beginning of time.


What Is A Jezebel Spirit In The Church | 20 Gram Soul

But I encourage you, believer, not to fall into these traps. Examine yourself when the enemy is trying to afflict you with these two lies. Hold on to that picture in your heart and mind through faith, and then you will not fall into the entrapments of this loser called the Adversary. One of the greatest things the enemy does is to cause a person to make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation.

Get back to that place, where everything begins and ends in Jesus Christ. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new is here! We are all born with a purpose for our lives from the hands of God—but then the fiery darts of temptation and deception invade our lives. This is the number one setup the devil uses to create strongholds in the life of a Christian.

Sometimes he hooks them into watching Internet pornography by placing little drops of temptation in their mind, or inflames an urge to discover pornographic movies. Sometimes he flashes images in the mind to captivate and seduce the person to their computer so they can fall into that trap. He plays on their emotions to open a gateway of the mind to have their body react a certain way that will leave the person with a sexual temptation to perform unnatural acts against their own body—acts that are against the will of God.

I have encountered Christians who have fallen into the filthy hands of the devil in these situations, and their minds have become so diluted that they confessed that performing pleasurable acts against their own body is not a sin. That is a lie from the pit of hell! Falling for the Lie The enemy will open portals, or doorways, to bring someone back to their past in their mind, before they were saved, especially if the person was delivered from certain strongholds such as drinking, drug addiction, or fornication, for example.

He will use those old strongholds to tempt that person in order to bring them back to that place over and over. This is called premeditated sin. The grace of God should never be taken for granted.

Jezebel and Hijacking the Gospel

Happy Words vs. These churches are not freeing us from broken marriages, from backsliders in our families, from bad soul ties, from generational curses that are never dealt with but are swept under the carpet, because the Church is not discipling us to receive the true freedom we have in the authority of Jesus Christ. I have heard many times over from brothers and sisters in the Lord that they are led by the hand of demons into situations without realizing they are being set up.

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