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Parking is available at the Community Deck, best accessed from Walnut Street which is one way between 6th and Law Streets. Street parking is also available in the neighborhood; meters are not enforced on Sundays. This is also a great opportunity for Humanists and other nonbelievers to invite religious friends and family members to share an enriching experience that should lead to a productive dialogue about beliefs, relationships, and how they intersect.

Tony Campolo is a sociologist, pastor, author and public speaker. He is perhaps best-known for his role as spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton, and for being a prominent voice in the evangelical church. He is a leader of the Red-Letter Christian movement, which aims to emphasize the teachings of Jesus. He is co-founder of Mission Year and a prominent former urban minister, speaking internationally to progressive Christian groups. He made news during when he announced that he no longer believes in God.

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Chhim - Amazon Review. These remarkable, intelligent men--father and son--love each other, and show that listening to someone with different convictions is possible, without sacrificing what you deeply believe. International best selling author and pastor Tony Campolo is devastated when his 50 year old son Bart announces that he no longer believes in God.

But I came to know God as a real presence inside his universe. It has changed me thoroughly and it is why we want people thinking outside the box of religious obligation. God is in his world, drawing people to himself.

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Once endeared to him then the truths of Scripture and the power of community with other followers becomes more palpable. But man more do, and come to discover that God is the most endearing presence in the universe and that he is knowable in each human heart.

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I suspect your journey will lead you to some very spacious places as you start recognizing the hand and voice of the Father as he has been reaching into your heart. Reject the religion is fine. But I pray you find him beyond it all. He is the one worth knowing and following…. A book that has helped me so much in this factor is Breaking the Hex by the Fields Brothers.

In my experience there are few sermons and devotions that talk this way and do not put more burden on the person to be better and do better…I am excited for you Al to break out of religion you have seen and encounter Truth, Love and Grace more and more…He is the One who makes my life a celebration!!! He sat with me.

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He held me as most of my theology was being dismantled. I had no idea that deconstructing my theology would be part of the process of coming to know God as he is. It could not have been anyone else, because the Presence overwhelmed my being.

sitechpharma.com/wp-includes/programma-per-spiare-iphone.php What confounds me is that most of our interchange, the getting to know each other, is not in transactions of words. There is a conversation going on, but it does not use language. Much of it I cannot articulate, unless he gives me the words to share. We sit with each other. The interchange is largely unspoken; a dialogue of heart. Maybe that is because Love is not a word or concept, but rather a reality or Person. Someone unexplainable who must be personally experienced. It was before the film and just after the book they wrote together.

I would be curious if you get a chance to listen to it if you found their engagement any different than was displayed in the film. Also, Wayne, great quote about people rejecting religion and God with it and admitting that maybe they encountered a wrong approach to it.

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BUT, since we know that God is at work, I just leave it be, entrusting that they will be drawn into spiritual truth. That creates a bigger hurdle to get over. Hey, Pat.

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  • Thank you for the link. Very enlightening. So he has discarded one religion and taken up another that makes more sense to him. There are many out there who have rejected both religion and God assuming the two are a package. It was only the grace of God that showed me that the two are unrelated, and actually in opposition. Religion is death, while God is life. Because we get trapped in religion, anything less oppressive feels like freedom, so we park it there and stop seeking to be truly free. Only God can take us through and complete the freedom process for us. It takes time because it is a huge legacy.

    Yes check out Jordan Peterson…. He has both said he is a Christian and he is not.

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    • He is a wise man and well grounded. How cool if you did a podcast with him! Sorry, Joel.