Guide Little Tamarack Farm Summer Food: Eating Local. Eating Fresh.

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Shitake, blackberries. Washington County cont. East Montpelier Cate Farm www. Corn silage, pumpkins Cucumbers Hops Black bean burgers Berries, grapes. Oma, camembert, alpine style cheese Roasted specialty coffees, loose leaf teas. Ornamental seedlings, transplants Maple syrup bottling Dairy cows, heifers, calves Chai Granola Mustard seeds, horseradish Yarn Potted herbs, vegetable transplants.

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Windham County cont. Cull cow beef Mulberries Peaches Cucumbers, eggplant, peppers Mixed fruit, vegetable transplants, rice. Potted plants Custom feed mixes Salsa, salad dressing, cocktail sauce Cattle Corn, potatoes Sheep, ducks. Whole wheat pasta Blackberries, cherries Annual seedlings, grapes, blackberries, currants, elderberries Tip Husk cherries, relative of the tomatillo, are an easy way to add some sweetness to your garden. Hidden in their paper-like, strawcolored wrappers, these yellow-orange fruits are great raw, frozen, dried, or made into preserves!

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Popcorn, camalina Butter Seed mixes, seeds, wheat bran, wheat germ. Backus, Dan. Bador Farm. Bador, Kevin. Bailey Farm. Bailey, John. Baker, Reese. Balczuk, Marianne.

Little Tamarack Farm Summer Food: Eating Local. Eating Fresh. Scot Pralle

Baldwin, Angus. Cabot Plains Farm. Clay Brook Farm. Davis, Ken. Elm Brook Farm.

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Wolf Ridge Dairy. Hillcrest Farm. Johnson Farm. Johnson, James. Johnson, Kirt. Johnson, Pete. Jones, Andy. J-Rocky View Farm. K Kaplan, Jessie. Lamoureux Farm. Harvest, LLC. New Venture Farm.

agendapop.cl/wp-content/spouse/teje-localizar-numero-de.php Pineville Farm. Scholten Family Farm. Rocks Farm. The Royal Butcher. Wheeler Sugarworks, Inc. Wilson Dairy. Zeitlyn, Dylan.

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Ziegler, Betsy. Zuckerman, David. Cultivating Community Education What would you like to know about the food you eat?

Find answers at the UVFC. These farmers ship fluid milk, bottle their own milk, or make various dairy products including award winning cheeses, yogurt and ice cream. The best way to support these farmers is to purchase their products. Farmers who process their own dairy products include:.

In Vermont, farmers ship their milk to three milk buyers. Please look for the following name-brand milk at your local store or co-op:.

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If your local store does not carry these brands, ask them to. You may find that these name-brand products from family farms share shelf space with store-brand organic milk from as far away as Colorado. By purchasing the products listed above you are ensuring that your dollars support family farmers in the Northeast and Vermont. Join us! NOFA Vermont is growing organic farms, healthy food, and strong communities here in Vermont, and you can be a part of our growing membership!

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Our members are farmers, gardeners, educators, activists, and appreciative eaters—anyone who wants to help us create a future full of local farms and local food. In addition to the satisfaction that comes with supporting our farm and food system, members receive discounted rates to NOFA Vermont events; our quarterly newsletter, NOFA Notes, and the regional newspaper The Natural Farmer; and this annual directory, delivered straight to your door!

For more information about membership or our programs, please contact the office or visit www. Together, Better Choices …like partnerships with local farmers. City Market is dedicated to strengthening the local food system. Winooski Ave. Burlington, VT Open 7 days a week, 7 a. Look for this logo to choose certified organic, locally grown. A directory of certified organic producers in Vermont, plus farmers' markets, reasons to choose organic, local eating tips, a profile of org See More.

PENNIE RAND 1 7 8 9 10 For maple syrup production, sap is collected using practices that ensure the long-term sustainable management of the sugarbush and promote forest ecosystem health. Learn more about labels at www. Johnsbury Pearl St. Middlebury cont. Orwell cont. Town Addison County cont. Town Caledonia County cont. Town Chittenden County cont. Underhill cont.

East Fairfield cont. Town Franklin County cont.