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This is the beginning of looking for love outside of oneself.

The baby believes that the love comes from its mother because she grounds it. Without her the baby cannot feel its light body in the same way because it lacks the ground necessary to hold it. This effect will be apparent to anyone who has meditated alone and in a group. It is often much easier to meditate in a group because the others are helping to create a ground for light. This is commonly called a space. The space is created by the grounding of higher energies. When meditating alone it is more difficult to give these beings and your own light body a ground and so it can be more difficult to enter into a space.

Once a space has been established either alone or in a group, much metaphysical and alchemical work can be done. Your light body and the various other beings that come to help are essential to any real spiritual development and without them no progress could be made. As a person grows up and the astral body incarnates into the physical, the Samskaras from past lives are activated along with new ones being created through emotional trauma.


The Light Of The Body Is The Eye

The astral body and chitta become far more structured and crystallized which blocks the light body from shining through. The light body is more grounded now but its light is blocked by ego structure. While meditating or doing spiritual practices the light body is pulled into the astral body. A ground is created for the light, and as it intensifies, its incarnation into the astral samskaras begins to dissolve. The light raises the vibration of the astral body which causes Samskaras to break up and dissolve. The reason the Astral Substances are able to crystallize and stay that way is because of its slow vibration.

By raising the vibration of the astral it will begin to break up the crystallization. Once the astral body has been cleared of crystallization in this way the light body can shine through it and ground into the physical.

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The light body is very large and contains many structures. It is beyond our purposes to describe all of its parts and functions. The ones that are most important for our spiritual awakening now are the chakras, the Column and the MerKaBa. And you, wise reader, in hearing about the evil eye understand it to be not the eye in the head, but the evil thoughts in the unenlightened heart. And if it so happens that the bodily eye can become darkened by strong suppurations and from headaches, physical blindness nevertheless does not make a man foreign to future and eternal blessedness. From his Discourses on the Gospel of Matthew.

Self-examination and prudence is the eye and lamp of the soul, just as the eye is the lamp of the body. That is, through self-examination a person searches and discerns all his desires, words, and actions and avoids all that can separate him from God. The truth of this is clear in Holy Scripture. Because Saul the king of Israel did not have this lamp, his mind became so darkened that he did not even understand how to fulfill what God commanded him through the prophet Samuel and that the fulfillment of these commandments would be better than making sacrifices; therefore he irritated God by the very thing that he thought would please Him.

For this his kingdom was taken from him cf.

Vision depends on detecting light

That is, the Scripture calls self-examination counsel and prescribes it to us so that we would do nothing without counsel; it does not even allow us without counsel to drink spiritual wine that makes the heart glad, for it says, Do nothing without advice Sir. The same scripture tells us, As a city whose walls are broken down, and which is unfortified , in which, that is, anyone can come in and pilfer as he pleases, so is a man who does anything without counsel Prov. Answers to questions posed by the brothers.

Macarius the Great Macarius the Great, St.

The eyes are the light of the body, and when the eyes are healthy, the whole body is illuminated; and when something gets into the eyes and they are darkened, the whole body is in darkness—so were the apostles placed as the eyes and light for the whole world. Thus, having become light, the apostles received light for those who believed, enlightening their hearts with the heavenly light of the Spirit with which they themselves were enlightened.

Collected manuscripts, type II. Discourse 1. He lived during the fifth century and was a disciple of St John Chrysostom.

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It is said, the light of the body is the eye Matt. For the mind that has its thoughts on high is the eye of the soul, and its sight strongly disseminates its light throughout the construct of all things. But if drunken amidst useless cares that draw the mind downward into the abyss of destruction you incline your mind to what is coarse and pitiful, then will the mind be in any shape to present itself as something good, or to suggest something profitable to its own thoughts?

Therefore every evil habit, which everywhere, like at night, brings the mind perplexity and onerous struggle, necessarily leads to darkness and confusion. Letters on various themes. To Priest Serapion. His father prepared him for a career at court, and for a certain while the youth occupied a high position at the imperial court. What other eye does He mean here other than the mind?

Photographing the glow of the human body

This eye can be simple if it sees simple pure light. Simple pure light is Christ.

Thus, whoever has in himself the light of Christ, which would shine in his mind, about him it is said that he has the mind of Christ. When your eye, that is, the mind, is simple, that is, shines, then your bodiless body, that is, all the parts of your soul, will be light; and to the contrary, when your mind is evil, that is, darkened and extinguished, then your whole soul will be dark. Thus, think well—is darkness or light in you?