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That was, until I started my very first day at an internship in Milwaukee. All of my co-workers were runners, which I found quite intimidating as I couldn't even make it down my block without tears. I promptly explained to them that I wasn't a runner and I would do almost anything toilets, filing, laundry for them, but there was no way I would be running that race. Turns out the combination of an enticing goal shirt included , a supportive group and a program that started from my humble fitness beginnings couch potato , was all I needed to tap into my inner runner.

I went from a chubby, out-of-shape intern, to a runner in a matter of weeks and you can too. I loved it so much I eventually quit my job to coach others in finding their finish lines.

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More Running Articles. Look for this banner for recommended activities. Cancel Yes. Join Active or Sign In. All rights reserved. A store employee would see if you over or under pronate, if your hips drop and look at the shape of your foot and then provide you with the right shoe. This is still suggested for your first running shoe. Do not buy cheap shoes to save money because you will pay more in medical bills fixing muscles strains and ligaments.

Lastly, buy your shoes at the beginning of your training program approximately 8 weeks or sooner. You want to break them in on your shorter runs and have them completely broken in by race day.

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Once they have reached miles they need to be replaced. Minimalist shoes can be worn longer since they provide little support to begin with. Tight muscles end up being pulled muscles. You can also avoid problems like plantar fasciitis tightening of the foot muscles and shin splints tightening of the muscles around the shin bone.

If you do experience shin splints or are starting to feel its onset you can check out this video from our studio. The most important muscles to stretch are hamstrings, adductors, calves and low back. You will want to spend some time here, maybe even two weeks before running, to reduce your chance for injury in addition to doing some corrective exercise that we will discuss further down the page.

Below are a few stretches to address those muscle groups:.

5K run: 7-week training schedule for beginners

Hamstring Stretch — this is perhaps the most synonymous stretch associated with running. Seated on the floor you place your legs either in front of you or out to the sides at a degree angle and reach for your toes. The stretch is less effective if you bend your knee so grab a strap, belt or even a shirt to wrap around toes and pull.

This allows you to stretch and keep your leg flat on the ground. Figure A. Frog Pose adductors — start out on all fours on a soft surface such as a yoga mat or blanket. Slide your knees out the side, push your glutes back and arms forward. Figure B. Figure C. Foam rolling for adductors — similar to the frog pose in Figure B , you will start with one leg out. It should hurt a little but be more of a releasing pain. Hold this spot for thirty seconds.

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  6. Do not roll back and forth, let it press on the knot. If it hurts too much, stop and continue with frog pose only. Figure 1. This is most often the tightest muscle in the body and foam rolling it will prove itself to you. Lie on your side and place the foam roll just below your hip roll slowly toward your knee but do not roll onto the actual knee. Pick one for now and hold for thirty seconds Figure2. Make sure you do both legs. Foam rolling for calves — start as you would for the hamstring stretch Figure A without the towel.

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    The Right Way To Train For Your First 5K

    Place the foam roll under one leg at about mid-calf. Lift your glutes off the ground and roll slowly up and down until you find your spot and hold it for thirty seconds Figure 3. Repeat on the other leg. Want more instruction on foam rolling? Check out our video!

    Of course, you do but you have to build the car properly before you race it. They will provide you with a training program that will consist of strength training, stretches and running that will benefit you specifically. Everybody has different muscle imbalances and if not corrected this can lead to injury. At Momentum we encourage anyone starting a new fitness program or anyone who has taken a long lay off start the process there to reduce injuries and time back on the couch feeling defeated. Please use our calendar to find the Specialty Clinics scheduled in your community.

    Check back regularly as the schedule may be updated frequently. Log into your personal health site that lets you make secure connections with health providers and manage personal health information. Your comments are important to us. Patient Experience Representatives are here to address your questions and concerns. Services View all Locations. Primary Care Specialty Care. Behavioral Health General Surgery. Dentistry Support Services. View all Locations. Angoon Craig Gustavus Haines Hoonah. Hydaburg Juneau Kake Kasaan Ketchikan.

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