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They all sold and some sell very well. Your mom has something, be it a talent or an interest, she can supply for the world with very little effort. It's between you and her to figure out what those are. Start by exploring ebay and etsy to see if others are selling them and if you can compete. From there, consider a little quality time by making them with her and seeing about getting her moving on her own. You may have to explain the volatility of your income stream and that she cannot rely on it in the long run, but for now, you can help her set all this up and see about filling in the difference between sold items and what you provide.

The intention would be to replace what you provide with a good store front on a few sites and surpass that to the point of self reliance. I also advise to put aside any difference you would have given her and roll them into safe investments like CDs or some other simple maturing compounding interest bank option.

There are many. If you have already resided to the notion of helping her out, then you know what you can afford to spin into an investment. If nothing else, should you or her ever hit a critical point, you at least have something you can fall back on. My brother got me into this. I got some family and friends into it. All of us say it is life changing and all of us make some kind of passive income just coming up with our own ideas and putting them out there.

We can't all be anomalies. This will work for your mom too if she is willing to put the effort in. Do it with her and she will be all the more likely to succeed and alleviate you from what could be a very difficult long term financial commitment.

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Do you have any sibling? Check how you not paying will affect them. Help them directly. Talk to them regularly, learn what they really need, what they want in life, etc. Pay extra tuition for them if they fall behind in studies. Give them money for spending on their own. Long term. First, you need to sit down with your mother and your father, possible separately, to understand the situation. Then, you need to sit down with your mother and work on a budget with her. If she is asking for your financial support based on needs, it is reasonable that you understand her finances.

There are many places where you can get advice on how to set up a budget. It is a good idea for you to do this yourself, as a newly independent household. Go through those steps yourself following a tutorial. Then go back to your mom and work through it with her. Only after you have a grasp of the situation can you make a reasonable decision about what support you want to give your mother. The one piece of advice I would give would be not to structure anything as a loan; loans between close family members or even friends are a great way to end your relationship.

Other comments and answers go on about "you don't owe her anything"; but that isn't for them to decide, nor is it a good topic for this stack exchange to weigh in on. Legally, you are probably not obligated to give her any money; in some jurisdictions, you may be obligated if she becomes destitute. This is interesting. Your mother feels that she has suffered an injury caused by you in the action of moving out. You have deprived her of income. She may be paying rent on an empty bedroom. Her overheads per remaining child are higher. She may have long term liabilities and have been tightly budgeting.

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This was foreseeable and should have been discussed a lot earlier. Perhaps more child support is now required for the remaining children as their share of the rent is now higher etc. Perhaps if you can sustain the loss without hardship, you could quantify what she is saving by your absence and pay the difference, or half of the difference. Paying all of it gives her an income boost, and seems to me like unjust enrichment. How often do you go home for meals, or laundry? By all means give her something if she is in difficulty, or costs are disproportionate for one of the remaining children.

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But this was a long time coming, and she needed to allow for it. How would you treat a similar request from your father for help? You may need to support them both to a degree later in life after all. You can give money to your mom for a start-up business so she can earn money and not rely on you giving her money for the rest of her life. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Parent asking for money after I moved out Ask Question. Asked 2 days ago.

gingralandi.tk Active today. Viewed 15k times. New contributor. Was this child support? If so, then once you left, 1 her expenses were reduced, so she shouldn't need the money, and 2 should should have this coming and adjusted. Also, this sounds more like it belongs in the Interpersonal Skills SE.

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Regardless of that, I sympathize with your plight, and doubt you'll find a solution -- other than doing what she wants -- that will satisfy her. And it also sounds like you need to talk to your father. THere may be a slight issue with your mother lying mine did - your father should be able to forward you the exact arrangement he has with your mother.

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  4. Likely she considered YOUR money to be her piggy bank which she partially spent on you. Mine did. Was seiously surprised when her 19th buirthday "this is how much you cost me since your father divoced me" turned into "ok, where is the rest as per legal arrangement you did not even spend all my fathers money AND you agreed to match his spending, wich you did not".

    JanDoggen "What do I say? It is the very opposite of a dumping ground for misfit questions. Andrew Lazarus Andrew Lazarus 1, 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. She owes her mother kindness and respect. But not money.

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    In fact, dad's payment should have been half of the expenses of your upkeep, so if she was really spending 2x the payment on you, she should be very happy with you gone, since she is now 1x ahead of the game. If she is now complaining that loss of the money has left her impoverished, clearly she wasn't spending it on you!

    She was misspending it and needs to give it all back, going back years. If she sued to get that payment I would countersue saying just that. Harper: It's probably the rent. She needs to rent something smaller now. Harper Thankfully most lawyers are not stupid and will not even take the case.

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    One look at the divorce settlement and the lawyer will know that the mother mis-spent the money and will tell her right away! Then if the lawyer is really that stupid, a judge isn't going to let that pass. Thankfully there really should be almost no risk of being sued for this money.

    Money may not have been misspent but used to pay for a share of rent and other fixed incomes that aren't reduced proportionally when the child leaves. I have no problem with you helping your mother but only under the following circumstances: You have enough room in your budget to help out.