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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details 3. Author Erin Siegal McIntyre reveals the heart wrenching story of how Mildred Alvarado, a young single mother, embarked on a dangerous mission to reunite with her two kidnapped daughters-- and, simultaneously, how an American housewife, Elizabeth Emanuel, who d been offered the girls accidentally became a reformer dedicated to an ethical adoption system.

Children have been stolen, sold, and placed as orphans in corrupt international adoptions to well-intentioned Western parents ever since the industry began in the s, yet the governments of Guatemala and the United States repeatedly proved unwilling and incapable of regulating the baby trade. With help of documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests, leaked emails, and key sources inside both the Guatemalan and U.

Along the way, the mechanisms surrounding orphan laundering are illuminated, including the roles of baby-finders, caretakers, judges, government officials, and more. This cadena perpetua, or perpetual chain, involves everyone from Guatemalan judges to U. If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 6. You just clipped your first slide!

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Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. She was immediately concerned; this was her fourth pregnancy, and the new baby wasn't supposed to arrive for several more weeks.

When the bleeding started, Sabrina and Rony, her new friends, helped her into their car and drove to the Sanatorio San Antonio de San Miguel, a private medical clinic about thirty minutes away. The clinic's drab brown storefront was no wider than a single garage door, with a reinforced doorway opened directly onto the crumbling sidewalk.

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A small blue badge from an alarm company, Grupo Golden, sat on the building's face. It wasn't a particularly good neighborhood. An old sign showing a mother and child dangled precariously from the clinic's roof, looking as though it had hung there for decades. Another pale blue sign stretched above building's entrance, advertising X-rays, pediatric care, and ultrasounds. The sign had a realistic graphic of three masked surgeons in blue scrubs operating on a body. Between them stood Jeusus, tall and calm. His arm was draped around one doctor's shoulders.

With his free hand, Jesus motioned towards the patient's opened midsection, as if guiding the way. A security guard eyed Mildred and Sabrina as they entered. A black shotgun hung lazily at his side.


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The reception area was an institutional pale green. A single naked bulb illuminated the reception window, which looked thick enough to be made of bulletproof glass. A few folding chairs to one side stood empty. There were no other patients. A physician emerged from the back of the clinic, introducing himself as Dr. Miguel Paniagua.

He was a stout man with a casual manner. They walked into a small examining room, and Dr. Paniagua asked a few questions and looked at Mildred's belly. She felt fortunate that Sabrina and Rony had been around to help her. Paniagua reassured her. The clinic smelled sour, like vomit. He left the room, and Sabrina followed.

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They spoke for a moment outside in the corridor. It's so kind they came to check on me, she thought, watching the group talk. After a few minutes, a nurse came in and gave her injections. She blacked out within seconds.

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A day later, when Mildred cracked open her eyes, she struggled to recognize her surroundings. The walls were pale blue, and morning light filtered in through a set of blinds. Her head pounded as she tried to lift her chin. It was the medical clinic; she was in a hospital room. A sharp pain spidered across her waistline. Glancing down, she realized she was no longer pregnant. Surgical tape bound her hands and feet to the bed frame.

Finding Fernanda

Sabrina arrived to her bedside, offering three tiny pills and a cup of water for the pain. Mildred took them and became comfortably numb and dizzy. She asked after her baby. She left the room.

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A different nurse walked by the doorway, and Mildred called out again, trying to suppress a feeling of panic. She motioned towards Mildred's bound ankles. Don't worry, you had a girl. She's fine. But after Mildred asked, yet again, for the child, the nurse admitted that the baby was sick.