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New other see details. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all. All listings. Best Offer. Buy it now. Classified Ads. Item location see all. UK Only. European Union. I think what we care about is that we recognize the value for eBay shareholders, but we don't compromise either the viability of those platforms or, most important, the growth and competitiveness of core eBay. We'll see how that comes out. Revitalizing, in their words, the core platform. Are you doing that? What can you point to specifically that says yes, in fact, we are?

We've added a massive amount of new sellers and inventory. In fact, we had million items for sale. Now we have 1. GMV has never been bigger at 95 billion. And there's no metric that's not the greatest it's ever been on our core marketplace. So, we focused on what's unique about eBay, but modernizing and improving the core customer experience. What matters to me is consumers who shop with us, million of them, get a great experience every day. So, that's improving customer service, shipping and extending the inventory advantage. And look, if you look at the underlying metrics, we're really, really happy with where we are.

We've accomplished a lot. The business is big and it's growing.

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And I don't think it's ever been as competitive as it is right now. You're relying now more on larger sellers, aren't you? Does that change the complexion of the platform?

The mix has changed. So we have added a lot. And that really is the heart and soul of our company. We are champions of entrepreneurs.


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They bring a lot of the unique inventory to our platform. A lot of the things that you can only find on eBay, which are millions of items, they come from those small sellers. So, that is never, ever going to be not the core of what we do.

It happens to be that as we've gotten big, brands have joined the party, big merchants have joined the party. We have a lot of diversity in who sells on the platform. I think that what customers want is choice. I don't want to be a commodity retailer.

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And we're not the drones and robots company. I think that we stand for a more human form of commerce. But that doesn't mean people don't want to buy Adidas shoes and they don't want to buy Dyson Vacuums. And they can do it alongside unique inventory on our platform.

I would argue, go take a look and see if you don't find a better price on that Dyson Vacuum or Adidas sneaker on eBay. So, we're not trying to win a logistics war.

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That's not what we're about. Amazon and others are very efficient. It happens to be that in the United States now an average package is delivered in about two days. That's not too bad. But we don't want to compete on one-day shipping, half-day shipping, quarter-day shipping. You're one of the largest advertisers with them. Any sense in terms of how you've been approaching the Google platform or what your sense is in terms of their share and what might have been behind this deceleration in clicks?

But I will say, what we find, is there's no better platform to get a return on advertising than Google. And that's been the case really for the last 15 years. It's also the case that there are a lot more alternatives now and there's a lot of competition.