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Other meals, like our Mexican Pizza , use predominantly shelf-stable ingredients that you can keep in stock for ultimate flexibility. There's no need to scrap favorite meals just because the recipes happen to produce large quantities. The chart at right shows how to halve some of the most common ingredient sizes. If you're preparing a halved recipe, be sure to check on the item five to 10 minutes earlier than the cooking time of the original recipe.

And note that seasonings do not always halve exactly, so you should add them gradually, to taste. Look at your schedule and identify the days you have the most time to cook and prepare a big batch of stew or a whole roast or chicken. Make a planned-over meal for those foods or freeze them for later use. On a busier night when you have limited prep time, you can either reheat that dish or try a single-serving recipe such as Cod in Parchment.

Some types of dishes are particularly well suited to cooking or dividing into single servings, and it's worth takingthe time to get familiar with preparing them. They include:. Soups: Can be made in bulk and frozen in individual portion sizes. Lean chicken: Some manufacturers even sell individually wrapped chickens.

But if cost is a consideration, buy in bulk and invest in a vacuum sealer below. Fish: One fish fillet can be easily bought and cooked. You can also purchase small amounts of shrimp or scallops, whatever you need for a single serving. Eggs : The original single-serving containers! Make an omelette, frittata, or veggie-laden scrambled eggs for an easy dinner. Sandwiches: Leftover meats can become interesting dinner sandwiches. Try different mustards, vary your choice of hearty whole-grain breads, and top with precut veggies such as shredded carrots and sliced bell peppers. There's no need to rid yourself of larger pots and pans you may already have, since some of your cooking will be bulk cooking.

But there are a few pieces of equipment that are terrific for handling smaller quantities. Spinach and Mushroom Frittata.

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Cherry-Glazed Pork Chop. Mexican Pizza. Cod in Parchment. Talk about bills.

Talk about feelings — happy and sad. Be intentional with your spouse in saying, 'This is important to me,' or 'This is not important to me.

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Tell them," says Graser Smith. When you're planning to tread on tough territory , take note of when, where, and how both partners may be most open to challenging conversations, suggests Dr. Racine R. If you haven't talked about what you're willing, able, and interested in investing in before marriage, it's bound to come up soon after you put a ring on it.

When it comes to saving money , once again, communication comes into play: "A financial planner or career coach could be immensely helpful to kickstart conversations about goals and map out a plan for achieving them. They'll help you consider your interests, what's important to you both, and how you want to prioritize the most important things in your lives — then start planning to fund these things," Graser Smith says.

If your partner is no longer your "safe space," you don't feel like you can be vulnerable — and turn to someone else to trust. Opening up to another person about your fears, hopes, dreams, and more can be a deeper level of intimacy than sharing your body with that person," Henry adds. Nip infidelity and other lapses in faith by sharing open conversations about your needs and if they're being met.

If problems from earlier in life — or earlier in the relationship — haven't been properly processed, one or both members of a couple may turn to other outlets to cope. It can be hard, and isolating, if one member overuses something to fill up a void," Lyons says.

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While the partner facing addiction needs to be ready to change, the other partner can be there to provide support, compassion, and patience. A health kick can quickly become unhealthy for a couple. All of a sudden, he's spending hours a day after work training and every single weekend going to and participating in events," Graser Smith says. If the wife has no interest in doing triathlons or attending the events, they may drift apart.

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Or worse. The left-out party should talk with his or her partner to try to find a way to support him or her — and find out if he or she has developed the new hobby as a way to "escape" something. Then, the pair should brainstorm an additional alternate shared activity, she adds. Whether it's due to a disagreement about having a child, the inability to have one , or a disagreement about how to raise the one s you have, couples are divorcing more and more because of kids, Henry says.

Plus, it can be difficult to communicate the difference in our parenting styles and tough to remember to respect your partner's differences," she continues. Think of this as giving your plus one the cold shoulder. Stonewalling is a hazardous communication strategy that involves bailing, shutting down, or using closed-off body language during a disagreement to demonstrate tuning out.

The attachment bond feels broken," Lyons says. However, the stonewalled party might then make a desperate plea to get the other's attention, which makes that partner withdraw even more. The cycle continues. And actually do it," Lyons says. Defense isn't just a strategy in sports, unfortunately. It's another way you demonstrate how unreachable you are in a relationship, Lyons says. I should mention that the texture improved after being in refrigerator over nite Thanks, Sheila. I use just butter usually to grease a pan like that. I love cheesecake and have had many varieties.

This recipe was incredible. I loved it so much that I asked for the recipe and am getting ready to make it for two birthdays coming up in a week. Thank you so much for the very tasty cheese cake recipe. I made it last night and tried it when it came out of the oven.

Omitted the lemon zest and baked it in the oven for around 85 min. The top turned out light brown on about half of it and when I took it out of the oven, the whole cake was jittery not only the center. Is that normal for cheesecake to be jittery everywhere on top and even the sides were not stuck to the side of the pan? So much of that depends on your pan and your oven. If one side was browned, I suspect your oven has a hot spot most do… mine has one in the back corner.


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Absolutely delicious! We are just trying out keto and are looking for a good cheese cake recipe. The problem we have encountered is that we always seem to taste the sachariney sweetness to these sweeteners. Just bought Swerve today and am going to make this cheese cake using that. Carolyn, what a gorgeous cheese cake! Your directions make this seem like such an easy approach, too. I would love to make this soon! Id like to try out this recipe today but use a crust base of nuts.

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Would you recommend baking the crust first in the pan or bake it all together? Ive never done it in a water pan before so not sure how that would effect the crust base. Thankyou, lydia.

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Please look at some of my other cheesecake recipes I have tons! Usually you do bake it for a bit first. Carolyn, this cheesecake looks amazing! Just what the Doctor ordered. Thank you. I am very excited to try this recipe. A water bath provides much more gentle heat for a big cheesecake. You could put a pan of water underneath too. Hope it works out!